Eight of Cups :-



Indolence : Saturn : Pisces

A man of dejected aspect is deserting the cups of his felicity, enterprise, undertaking or previous concern..
Escapism, disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal. The card speaks for itself on the surface, but other readings are entirely antithetical — giving joy, mildness, timidity, honour, modesty, the decline of a matter, or that a matter is of slight consequence — either for good or evil..
Great joy, happiness, feasting.
Eight of Cups Indolence is the quality or state of being indolent, or slothful. It indicates the outcome of excess is a hangover of some kind. It is the morning after the night before and you are emotionally drained, uncertain of exactly what you did. Did you embarrass yourself? Can you face those people again?.
The Eight of Cups is called Indolence. This card is the very apex of unpleasantness. It is ruled by the planet Saturn; time, sorrow, have descended upon pleasure, and there is no strength in the element of water which can react against it. This card is not exactly “the morning after the night before”; but it is very nearly that. The difference is that the “night before” has not happened! This card represents a party for which all preparations have been made; but the host has forgotten to invite the guests; or, the caterers have not delivered the good cheer. There is this difference, though, that it is in some way or other the host’s own fault.
Lord of Abandoned Success.
Correct impulse leading to equivocal action; a sense of the matter at hand which cannot be put into words; a breakdown of communication; falsehood thought confusion, not malice. The sense of a confusing situation mishandled through lack of interpretative effort..
Reversed Meanings: .
Perfect satisfaction.
A fair Girl, Friendship, Attachment, Tenderness..
Gaiety, Feasting, Joy, Pleasure.
Fair Girl, Honest Girl, Practical Girl, Honour, Propriety, Modesty, Restrained, Timidity, Fear, Apprehension, Sweetness, Attractiveness..
Satisfaction, Happiness, Contentment, Gayety, Joy, Elation, Festivity, Entertainment, Feast. Apology, Atonement, Exoneration. Public Joy, Spectacle, Pomp, Dressing, Preparation, Arrangement.
Fair girl, honest, practical girl, honour, modesty, timidity, fear, sweetness, mildness. Reversed: Happiness, gaiety, great joy, feasting, public rejoicing. Also preparations and dispositions. W. says it means, “Deserting the cups of his felicity.”.
CONCLUSION Leaving the house or home; changes in the family(-circle). Little chance to see one’s wishes and ambitions realised. Shyness, timidity; disorder and waywardness. Despondency, despairing of success. Mixed sensations, no strongly preponderant feeling, unless it be that of dissatisfaction. May be fair-haired girl.