Four of Swords :-



Truce : Jupiter : Libra

The effigy of a knight in the attitude of prayer, at full length upon his tomb.
Vigilance, retreat, solitude, hermit’s repose, exile, tomb and coffin. It is these last that have suggested the design.
Additional Meanings:
A bad card, but if reversed a qualified success may be expected by wise administration of affairs.
Wise administration, circumspection, economy, avarice, precaution, testament.
Additional Meanings: A certain success following wise administration.
Truce means a suspension of hostilities, a ceasefire. Temporary respite from pain.
The Four of Swords is a time of rest and recuperation so that you can assimilate those potential hurts and loss experienced in the Three of Swords. Time spent away from your situation on holiday. Deciding you require friends rather than lovers or partners for the time being. Finding people with similar interests and ideas. Solace in the group.
The Four of Swords is called Truce. This seems rather on the lines of “the strong man armed, keeping his house in peace”. The masculine nature of air makes it dominant. The card is almost a picture of the formation of the military clan system of society.
The Four Swords shows a time of peace, away from struggle.
Lord of Rest from Strife
Quiet in the presence of real or implied threat; trust that matters will turn out for the best.
Solitude, Retreat, Abandonment, Solitary, Hermit.
Economy, Precaution, Regulation of Expenditure.
Solitude, Desert, Retreat, Hermitage.—Exile, Banishment, Ostracism. Uninhabited, Remote, Abandoned, Given Up. Tomb, Sepulcher, Coffin.
Economy, Good Management, Wise Administration. Foresight, Direction, Household Management, Savings, Avarice. Order, Arrangement, Relationship, Agreement, Concord, Accord, Concordance, Harmony, Music, Disposal. Testament, Reserve, Limitation, Exception. Circumspection, Constituency, Discreet, Wisdom, Sympathy, Care, Precaution.
Solitude, retreat, hermitage, exile, isolation, inhibited condition, abandonment. Tomb and coffin. Reversed: Economy, good conduct, circumspection, precaution, wise administration, testament, avarice, household, savings, order, etc.

Solitude, repose, retreat, retiring from the world, “hermit’s repose” (W.); gathering, collecting, taking home one’s savings or impressions, meditation, economy, avarice, precaution, testament, and the place occupied at the end of life, hermitage, grave, coffin. The place of the card in the horoscope scheme indeed suggests the idea of being buried under the earth.