Six of Swords :-



Science : Mercury : Aquarius

A ferryman carrying passengers in his punt to the further shore. The course is smooth, and seeing that the freight is light, it may be noted that the work is not beyond his strength.
Journey by water, route, way, enjoy, commissionary, expedient.
Additional Meanings:
The voyage will be pleasant.
Declaration, confession, publicity; one account says that it is a proposal of love.
Additional Meanings:
Unfavourable issue of lawsuit.
Science means systematic knowledge, facts or principles on any subject. Skill or proficiency.
The Six of Swords is a time of outreach, travel, study and learning. You are empowered by your own knowledge and the accumulation of knowledge. You are inspired to travel, to go out and explore your inner and outer worlds.
The Six of Swords is called Science. Its ruler is Mercury so that the element of success turns away from the idea of division and quarrel; it is intelligence which has won to the goal.
Lord of Earned Success
A task that may be accomplished through words. The door opens; obstacles are removed.
Envoy, Messenger, Voyage, Travel
Declaration, Love proposed, Revelation, Surprise.
Road, Path, Lane, Walk, Passage, Footpath, Route—Walking, Trafficking, canvassing, Thoughtfulness, Driving, Means, Manner, Way, Expedient, Voyage, Course, Stroll, Pattern, Tracks, Trace, Envoy, Commissionaire.
Declaration, Declaratory Act, Exposition, Discussion, Interpretation. Charter, Constitution, Diploma, Manifest Law, Ordinance. Publication, Proclamation, Conspicuousness, Public Notice, Publicity, Authenticity, Fame. Denunciation, Counting. Enumeration. Knowledge, Discovery, Exposure, Vision, Revelation, Apparition, Appearance, Admission, Confession, Protestation, Approval, Authorization.
Route, way, path, envoy, journey by water, emigration, manner, expedient. Reversed: Proclamation, declaration, publication, avowal, knowledge, charter, constitution, bill, ordinance, discovery, vision, revelation, apparition. A proposal of love, says another rendering.

Route, way, canal, conveyance, nervous system, arterial system; experiment, order of service, practical prescriptions for any service, rules and measures of internal service. It warns that care must be taken for health and the internal service of the body must be cleared, in order to avoid intestine troubles. There may be something of a course, a voyage to be made, a cure or even emigration, if other indications confirm it. If in connection with Venusian influences, sensuality and the expressions of it. If badly aspected: serious illness and probability of the passing away of the patient.