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Earth : - : Sagittarius

A lithe, active figure holds a sword upright in both hands, while in the act of swift walking. He is passing over rugged land, and about his way, the clouds are collocated wildly. He is alert and lithe, looking this way and that, as if an expected enemy might appear at any moment.
Authority, overseeing, secret service, vigilance, spying, examination, and the qualities thereto belonging.
Additional Meanings: An indiscreet person will pry into the Querent’s secrets.
More evil side of these qualities; what is unforeseen, unprepared state; sickness is also intimated.
Additional Meanings:
Astonishing news.
The Princess of Swords is a jealous young woman. She observes what is going on.
The character of the Princess is stern and revengeful. Her logic is destructive. She is firm and aggressive, with great practical wisdom and subtlety in material things. She shews great cleverness and dexterity in the management of practical affairs, especially where they are of a controversial nature. She is very adroit in the settlement of controversies.
all these qualities are dispersed; she becomes incoherent, and all her gifts tend to combine to form a species of low cunning whose object is unworthy of the means.
The Princess of Swords is a young, very perceptive person.
Princess of the Rushing Winds, Lotus of the Palace of Air
Wisdom, strength, acuteness, subtleness in material things, grace and dexterity.
Reversed, she is frivolous and cunning.
A spy, Overlooking, Authority.
That which is unforeseen, Vigilance, Support.
Overseer, Spy, Onlooker, Observer, Searcher, Connoisseur, Intendant. Examination, Note, Remark, Observation, Annotation, Speculation, Count, Calculation, Computation—Learned, Artistic.
Without Warning, Sudden, Suddenly, Suddenly Interrupting, Astonishing, Surprising, Unexpectedly. Improvise, Act and Speak Without Preparation, Compose and Recite Straightaway.
Overseer, artist, learned man, spy, indiscreet person, who will eventually “pry into the querent’s secrets.” Secret service, vigilance, examination, calculation, speculation. A note, observation, remark. Reversed: “The more evil side of those qualities” (W.); the unforeseen sudden, surprising; improvisation. Acting or speaking without due preparation.
Results of exact studies, knowledge, note, observation, warning, indication, examination, inspection, investigation; inspector, constable, police officer, and their orders; spy, detective, examiner. Dilettante, one who will surpri