Four Of Wands :-



Completion : Venus : Aries

country life, haven of refuge, repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, peace, celebration, freedome, feeling excited

Unexpected good fortune.

In the Wand suit, the card is called Completion. The manifestation promised by Binah has now taken place. This number must be very solid, because it is the actual dominating influence on all the following cards. Chesed, Jupiter-Ammon, the Father, the first below the Abyss, is the highest idea which can be understood in an intellectual way, and that is why the Sephira is attributed to Jupiter, who is the Demiurge.

Building a solid system of law, order and government. The work is completed,

Lord of Perfected Work

Union of opposites, which may express itself as a marriage;
the quiet before the storm;
the unexpected (as in fire and water giving rise to air);
shifting emotions; unexpected shifts, safe haven constructed with much labour.

Society, Union, Association, Concord, Harmony.

Prosperity, Success, Happiness, Advantage.

Society, Association, Assembly, Connection, Federation, Union, Assembling, Reunion, Circle, Community, Gathering, The Masses, Crowd, Throng, Group, Band, Company, Cohort, Army. Convening, Accompaniment, Blending, Mixing, Alloy, Mixture. Contract, Convention, Pact, Treaty.
Family-spirit, clan, home, the ideas and motives which rule us, consequently that which is familiar to us; memory, reminiscences, brooding and scheming, fantasy, theatrical arts, fancy, imagination. It can be augmentation as well as decrease, it generally means change and unstable conditions, popularity and vaccillation, profanation. It may denote some group of people, a gathering or meeting, family-council. A convocation. a call and a vote. Cosiness