Four of Pentacles :-



Power : Sun : Capricorn

A crowned figure, having a pentacle over his crown, clasps another with hands and arms; two pentacles are under his feet. He holds to that which he has.
The surety of possessions, cleaving to that which one has, gift, legacy, inheritance.
Additional Meanings: For a bachelor, pleasant news from a lady.
Suspense, delay, opposition.
Additional Meanings:
Observation, hindrances.
The meaning of power is the ability to act, to achieve something. Political strength, authority.
The Four of Disks shows consolidation of a new business or venture so that it has solid foundations and can be built upon.
As to the Disks, the heaviness of the symbol rather outweighs any considerations of its weakness. The card is called Power. It is the power which dominates and stabilizes everything, but manages its affairs more by negotiation, by pacific methods, than by any assertion of itself. It is Law, the Constitution, with no aggressive element.
Lord of Earthly Power
Wisdom displayed in the matter at hand; fair judgement; correct assessment of a situation; mastery of a situation through calm, deliberate action; presents given as tokens of respect.
Pleasure, Gaiety, Enjoyment, Satisfaction.
Obstacles, Hindrances.
Charity, Present, Gift, Generosity, Liberality, Child’s Holiday Gift, Favor, Offering, Donation, Bonus, Assistance. The Color White, Lunar Medicine, Pierrot.
Enclosure, Circuit, Convolution, District, Circumference, Circle, Circulation. Intercept, Obstruction, Blocking, Cornering, Cloister, Monastery, Convent. Immutable, Fixed, Determined, Definitive, Extremity, Borders, Limits, Bounds, End, Barrier, Partition, Outdoor Wall, Hedge, Interior Wall. Obstacles, Hindrances, Difficulty, Suspense, Delay, Opposition.
A present, gratification, gift, inheritance, legacy; liberality, generosity, offerings, etc. “The surety of possessions, cleaving to that which one has.” (W.) Reversed it is said to represent: A circle, circuit, and in general that which limits, encircles, holds, walls, encloses. So it may be a convent, monastery. Further obstacles, delay, suspense.
Desire, longing, etc., which will be probably satisfied in the future, delay, retreat, retirement, secret possession, legacy, inheritance, loan, mortgage, gift, the former not without some drawback, sadness or loss. Debt, probably going to be paid. Condition of being limited, enclosed, hampered or delayed. Some good which is not within the reach of the querent.