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The Page of Pentacles is the eleventh card in the suit of Pentacles, and the first ‘face’ card. A largely positive card, you should expect good things to happen when you see it, especially in any areas concerning long term goals or progression.
A youthful figure, looking intently at the pentacle which hovers over his raised hands. He moves slowly, insensible of that which is about him.
Application, study, scholarship, reflection; another reading says news, messages and the bringer thereof; also rule, management.
Additional Meanings:
A dark youth; a young officer or soldier; a child.
Reversed Page of Pentacles
Prodigality, dissipation, liberality, luxury; unfavourable news.
Additional Meanings:
Sometimes degradation and sometimes pillage.
The characteristics of an individual signified by this card are too various to enumerate; one must summarize by saying that she is Womanhood in its ultimate projection.
She contains all the characteristics of woman, and it would depend entirely upon the influences to which she is subjected whether one or another becomes manifest. But in every case her attributes will be pure in themselves, and not necessarily connected with any other attributes which in the normal way one regards as symbolic. In one sense, then, her general reputation will be of bewildering inconsistency. It is rather like a lottery wheel from which the extraction of any number does not predict or influence the result of any subsequent operation. The fruit of the Philosophy of Thelema is enjoyed, rare, ripe, nourishing and vitalizing at its highest and fullest in this meditation; for to the adept every turn of the wheel is equally probable, and equally a prize.
Knave of Pentacles
Princess of the Echoing Hills, Rose of the Palace of Earth
She is generous, kind, diligent, benevolent, careful, courageous, preserving, pitiful.
She is wasteful and prodigal.
Knave of Pentacles
A dark Youth, Economy, Order, Rule, Management.
Reversed Knave of Pentacles
Prodigality, Profusion, Waste, Dissipation.
Dark Young Man, Study, Instruction, Diligence, Meditation, Reflection. Work, Occupation, Apprenticeship. Scholar, Disciple, Student, Apprentice, Amateur, Pupil, Speculator, Negotiator.
Reversed Page of Pentacles
Profession, Superfluity, Magnanimity, Luxuriousness, Sumptuousness, Splendor, Abundance, Myriad. Liberality, Kind Deed. Generosity, Charity. Crowd, Multitude. Degradation, Wasting, Pillage, Dissipation.
Dark young man, disciple, student, speculator, commercial man. Application, scholarship, study, reflexion, meditation, occupation, rule, management, news, message and the messenger himself. The reverse meanings are here for once even given as favourable for the greater part: Profession, luxury, sumptuousness, breadth, abundance, magnificence, liberality, generosity, well-doing. Also the crowd, multitude. Degradati
Disciple, student, messenger, and the message, good and favourable news; a newsagent; honourable denomination, commission, news about a position or relation, contract, or profession. Liberal conduct of people towards the querent. A director, directing manager, bookkeeper, assistant. Editor, bookseller. Honourable mention. Agreeable conditions in general. Application, study, reflexion, arrangement, occupation, well-doing, goodness. May denote a meeting, a committee or a board of directors.on, dissipation.