Knight of Pentacles :-



Fire : :

He rides a slow, enduring, heavy horse, to which his own aspect corresponds. He exhibits his symbol but does not look therein.
Utility, serviceableness, interest, responsibility, rectitude—all on the normal and external plane.
Additional Meanings:
A useful young man; useful discoveries.
Reversed Knight of Pentacles
Inertia, idleness, repose of that kind, stagnation; also placidity, discouragement, carelessness.
Additional Meanings:
A brave man out of employment.
The Prince of Disks is a hard working young man, not particularly imaginative or ambitious.
The character denoted by this card is that of great energy brought to bear upon the most solid of practical matters. He is energetic and enduring, a capable manager, a steadfast and persevering worker. He is competent, ingenious, thoughtful, cautious, ‘trustworthy, imperturbable; he constantly seeks new uses for common things, and adapts his circumstances to his purposes in a slow, steady, well-thought out plan.
He is lacking almost entirely in emotion. He is somewhat insensitive and may appear dull, but he is not; it so appears because he makes no effort to understand ideas which are beyond his scope. He may often appear stupid and is inclined to be resentful of more spiritual types. He is slow to anger, but, if driven, becomes implacable.
Prince of Pentacles Prince of the Chariot of Earth
Increase of matter, increase of good and evil, solidifies, practically applies things, steady, reliable.
Animal, material, stupid. Is either slow to anger, but furious if roused.
Knight of Pentacles
A useful Man, Trustworthy, Wisdom, Economy, Order, Regulation.
Reversed Knight of Pentacles
A brave Man, but out of Employment, Idle, Unemployed, Negligent.
Knight of Coins
Utility, Serviceable, Benefit, Gain, Profit, Interest. Profitable, Interesting, Worthwhile, Important, Necessary, Obliging, Officious.
Reversed Knight of Coins
Peace, Tranquillity, Repose, Sleep, Apathy, Inertia, Stagnation, Inactivity, Idleness. Leisure, Pass-times. Recreation, Carefree, Nonchalance, Indolence, Laziness, Doing Nothing, Dullness, Discouragement, Exhaustion.
Utility, advantage, serviceableness, profit, interest, gain, importance, necessity. Reversed it is said to give: Repose, tranquillity, apathy, inertia, idleness, discouragement; also recreation, etc.
A good help, discreet aid in financial difficulties, paying of debts; advantage, interest, etc. And the person who brings these to the querent. Loan, inheritance, advance, present. Happy memories, collections and collecting, recollection; savings. Persons whom we have known before or who stand in a nearer relation to us than is known or announced publicly. In weak cases: indolence, secret enjoyment, idleness, stagnation, etc.