Nine of Wands :-



Strength : Moon : Sagittarius

defending yourself
Showing stamina,
The card signifies strength in opposition. If attacked, he will meet the onslaught boldly. With this main significance, there are all its possible adjuncts-delay, suspension, adjournment.
Strength - endurance, resolve, heart, defending a position, holding out, being defensive, closing yourself off, persistence
The Nine of Wands is ruled by the Moon; Change and Stability. Of all important doctrines concerning equilibrium, this is the easiest to understand, that change is stability; that stability is guaranteed by change; that if anything should stop changing for the fraction of a split second, it would go to pieces. It is the intense energy of the primal elements of Nature, call them electrons, atoms, anything you will, it makes no difference; change guarantees the order of Nature. This is why, in learning to ride a bicycle, one falls in an extremely awkward and ridiculous manner. Balance is made difficult by not going fast enough.
So also, one cannot draw a straight line if one’s hand shakes. This card is a sort of elementary parable to illustrate the meaning of this aphorism: “Change is Stability.”
A card of optimism – things are improving, at least there is going to be change.
Lord of Strength

Strong emotion bubbles under a calm surface. Hidden passion; rapid, unpredictable change; strength through balance.

Order, Discipline, Good Arrangement, Disposition.

Obstacles, Crosses, Delay, Displeasure.

Delay, Waiting Time, Distance, Adjournment, Deferral, Suspension, Extension, Slowness, Slowing Down.

Crossing, Obstacle, Difficulties, Vexation, Disadvantage, Adversity, Pain, Bad Luck, Misfortunes, Calamity.

Obstacle, delay, suspense, adversity, slowness, contrariety, calamity, misfortune, trouble. “The card signifies strength in opposition. If attacked he will meet the onslaught boldly.”
Teaching, instruction, guidance, teachers, masters, guides. Planning, travelling, sport; journalism, editors and journalists, public lecturers, orators; prophecy and predicting. On the other hand, there may be unruliness, waywardness and unpractical idealism. It is certain that, where this card appears, much controversy, contradiction, antagonism, mental strife, etc., will be aroused, sometimes more than would appear necessary. There is also in it extension of thought, spreading of news, rumours, preaching, excitement, of the people and revolution.