Nine of Cups

Card No c9


Concord, contentment, physical bien-ĂȘtre; also victory, success, advantage; satisfaction for the Querent or person for whom the consultation is made.

Additional Meaning

Of good augury for military men. (A divination based on the appearance and behaviour of animals. by extension An omen or prediction; a foreboding; a prophecy. An event that is experienced as indicating important things to come.)


Truth, loyalty, liberty; but the readings vary and include mistakes, imperfections, etc.

Additional Reversed

Good business.

Nine of Cups

Card No c9


A goodly personage has feasted to his heart's content, and abundant refreshment of wine is on the arched counter behind him, seeming to indicate that the future is also assured. The picture offers the material side only, but there are other aspects.



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