Two of Swords :-



Peace : Moon : Libra

A hoodwinked female figure balances two swords upon her shoulders.
Conformity, and the equipoise which it suggests, courage, friendship, concord in a state of arms; another reading gives tenderness, affection, intimacy. The suggestion of harmony and other favourable readings must be considered in a qualified manner, as Swords generally are not symbolical of beneficent force in human affairs.
Additional Meanings:
Gifts for a lady, influential protection for a man in search of help.
Imposture, falsehood, duplicity, disloyalty.
Additional Meanings:
Dealings with rogues.
Peace means the normal state of harmony between countries or people. Freedom to do whatever one wants, a state of tranquillity or serenity.
The Two of Swords show attempts to reconcile, difference
. This can be a desire to return to a previous partner or relationship after a period of separation.
You may be trying to reconcile new thoughts and ideas, hoping you can assimilate them into the present situation with little or no effort, and so that nothing really changes. Either way, you will find that you can not unmake an omelette. In fact, it is better to create something new, rather than return to the status quo, as you have changed, and that change has to be recognised. The rules have changed – you will do things differently.
Lord of Peace Restored
Mutual benefit based upon the experience of and devotion to the Grand Mother.
Friendship, Valor, Firmness, Courage.
False Friends, Treachery, Lies.
Friendship, Attachment, Affection, Tenderness, Kindness, Connection, Relationship, Similarity, Intimacy, Concord, Association, Interest, Conformity, Sympathy, Affinity, Attraction.
False, Falsehood, Lying, Imposture, Duplicity, Bad Faith, Roguery, Trickery, Treachery, Deception, Superficial, Superficiality, Surface.
Friendship, attachment, affection, intimacy, affinity, tenderness, attraction, etc. “Concord in a state of arms.” (W.) Reversed: Falsity, imposture, lie, duplicity, bad faith, deception, superficiality.

Latent force, magnetism, the principle of art, artistic appreciation; quality, virtue; magnetic attraction, affinity, intimacy, affection, that force which binds by the reduction of the senses; in weak cases sensuality, laziness, dullness. When badly aspected cruelty, unforgiving hatred, passive obstruction, etc.