King of Pentacles :-



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The King of Pentacles or Knight of Disks is a practical, hard working man. A business man.
The figure calls for no special description the face is rather dark, suggesting also courage, but somewhat lethargic in tendency. The bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved or blazoned with the pentagram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In many old Tarot packs this suit stood for current coin, money, deniers. I have not invented the substitution of pentacles and I have no special cause to sustain in respect of the alternative. But the consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of some change, because the cards do not happen to deal especially with questions of money.
Valour, realizing intelligence, business and normal intellectual aptitude, sometimes mathematical gifts and attainments of this kind; success in these paths.
The character described by this card is therefore exceeding complex yet admirably well-knit; but its dangers are indicated by the symbols of Luna and the bird. In the happiest cases, the qualities thus indicated will be romance and imagination; but overweening ambition, the pursuit of Ignis Fatuns, superstition, and the tendency to waste time in idle dreaming, are perils all too frequently found in such sons of the soil. Thomas Hardy has painted many admirable portraits of the type. Ill-starred indeed and black with bile are those who have profaned the Sacred Fire, not enkindling Earth to new, more copious, more varied life, but peering in deceptive moonlight, turning their faces from their mother Earth.
A businessman.
Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land, King of the Spirits of Earth
Unless very well dignified, he is heavy, dull and material. Laborious, clever and patient in material matters.
He is avaricious, grasping, dull, jealous, not very courageous unless assisted by other symbols.
King of Pentacles
A dark Man, Victory, Bravery, Courage, Success.
An old and vicious Man, a dangerous Man, Doubt, Fear, Peril, Danger.
King of Coins
A Dark Man, Shopkeeper, Merchant, Banker, Stockbroker, Calculator, Speculator. Physics, Mathematics, Science Teacher, Professor.
Reversed King of Coins
Vice, Flaw, Weakness, Defective, Faulty Conformation, Misshapen
Dark man, banker, trader, speculator, mathematician, master, professor. Success in mathematics and science in general. Reversed there are given: Vice, weakness, corruption, deformity, etc.
Noble, good and honest man; generally of influential position, central power, honourable intentions, whom you may trust, but whom you cannot counteract successfully; whom you must go out to meet and whom you must not expect to come and visit you. Maybe a banker, speculator, gambler, commander, general or manager. Benefic influence, wealth, luxury, good cheer. In weak cases vanity, pride. Success in mechanics and machinery.