Chakra Name:- Sacral
Colour:- Orange


Location:- above the genitals below the belly button
Water and all biological life.
Sanskrit Name:- Svadisthana
Sex chakra
Rune(s): Othala, Isa, Sowilo
Orange is associated with the second chakra --Svadhisthana (Sweetness, Her Special Abode). It is a warm colour that energizes, invigorates and nourishes. Orange can bring self-confidence.
Pelvic girdle, kidneys, bladder, and all liquids, such as, blood, lymph, gastric juice, sperm and regulation of the female cycleGlands: Prostate, gonads, ovaries, testicles
Cleanses and purification. Dissolve and wash away the blockages that obstruct its vital flow. (Albeit the kidneys and bladder accomplish this on the physical plane), on the spiritual plane the cleansing and purification process manifests itself in th
Diana, Neptune, Pan, Gabriel
Carnelian, coral, agate, jacinth
Orris root, gardenia
Tarot Cards
The Priestess, the Moon, The Sun, King of Swords
creativity, our ability to give and receive, sexuality, sensuality, fulfillment, procreation. sense of awe, fulfillment in our work and our relationships, give and receive, feeling connected, balance.