The Letter S :- Phonetic "soe-wee-low" s as in "sun"

Meaning of Sowilo

The sun

KEYWORDS :- Success, goals achieved, honor. The life-force, health. A time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life, victory, health, and success. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious. Wholeness, power, elemental force, sword of flame, cleansing fire. Sowilo Merkstave (Sowilo cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): False goals, bad counsel, false success, gullibility, loss of goals. Destruction, retribution, justice, casting down of vanity. Wrath of god.

Tarot Card:




Upright Meaning:

What you are striving to be, you already are. This is the time for recharging and regenerating yourself. You may have to retreat from pressing situations, but make it a retreat in strength, not weakness. Let the Sun illuminate the secrets you hid even from yourself. Always remember however, that by yourself you can do nothing. Only when you rely on the Divine can you accomplish anything of greatness.


This rune is impossible to invert due to its symmetry

God:- Sol

Colour:- White / Silver

Tree :- Juniper

Herb :- Mistletoe