The Letter NG :- Phonetic "eeeng-wawz" nasal sound as ng in "singer"

Meaning of Ingwaz

Ing, the earth god

KEYWORDS :- Male fertility, gestation, internal growth. Common virtues, common sense, simple strengths, family love, caring, human warmth, the home. Rest stage, a time of relief, of no anxiety. A time when all loose strings are tied and you are free to move in a new direction. Listen to yourself. Ingwaz Merkstave (Ingwaz cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): Impotence, movement without change. Production, toil, labor, work.

Tarot Card:



New Moon

Upright Meaning:

Now is the time of great strength when completions can be finished and as a result new beginnings started. Difficulties can be resolved and clarified. The butterfly now emerges from the cocoon. Movement may cause you to free yourself from a rut in your life. There is danger, but like the King on a chess board, the movement takes you out of check and danger.


This rune is impossible to invert due to its symmetry.

God:- Ing / freyr

Colour:- Yellow

Tree :- Apple

Herb :- Selfheal